Online Free Typing Test

Free typing tests online are a way to discover how fast you type, or your typing speed. Most free online typing test options consist of text that you look at while typing into a box or form.

Photo: Woman Typing on a Computer

Taking a free online typing test once can give you an idea of your typing speed.

As you type your accuracy and speed are registered with the software and return a result based on your overall performance at the end of the test. Many of the free online typing speed test options start when you hit your first keystroke. They are then timed based on a preset internal clock for one to several minutes, or are complete once you have typed the entire passge of text provided.

Benefits of Free Online Typing Tests

Taking a free online typing test once can give you an idea of your typing speed. However, the true benefit of free typing test online options is that you can repeat the tests and improve your speed, or check it at a later date In fact, many free online typing speed test websites encourage you to repeat the test, and will encourage you to raise your speed and accuracy through purchase of their products. Those products may include typing games, or typing accuracy primers and products.

While you do not have to purchase those products or services to get the results of your free online typing test, you need to make sure that you aren’t clicking through at the end to find out you’re being billed for a product. A free online typing test may ask for your email or name, but beyond that and you are likely getting yourself into a situation where you are being offered product and may be signing up for it. Never give out your credit card information to a free online typing test website unless you intend to make a purchase.

Finding Your Free Online Typing Speed Test

At you can take free online typing tests which will test your speed and accuracy for one minute. You can choose from fun subject areas such as Astronauts, Aesop’s Fables, Rules of Baseball and Tigers in the Wild. Additional choices include the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Zebra: Africa’s Striped Horse, the Enchanted Typewriter and you can even choose free online typing tests based on the NY Times Sports and Travel Headlines of the day. So, with you can get your daily news and take a free online typing speed test at the same time.

Free Online Typing Tests And Games For Kids

At kids (or adults) will enjoy the many different free online typing tests that are geared to gamers. Rather than typing plain boring text, you can take your free typing test online using fun game play strategies while boosting your typing speed and efficiency. Keyman, which is similar to the popular game Pac Man is just one of the many fun games you will find on the website.

You will also find free typing test online game versions of the Bubbles Typing Game and the Key Bricks typing game. There is nothing to download, you just play the typing games in your browser and determine your typing speed at the end of the game. When you’re done playing any of these engaging games, you can pop back over to the free online typing speed test to see how your game play has increased your typing speed, and accuracy. You may be surprised to find that using the keys for gaming can increase your typing speed as much as drafting business documents, or writing a letter. Typing can be fun, and encouraging typing in our youth is becoming more and more important as the global communications move away from traditional writing to computer assisted communications with emailed business documents, social networking and even research for college papers being done online with access through a keyboard.

More Free Typing Test Online Options

You might be wondering why there are so many free typing tests online. Well, you could take the same test over and over. However, eventually you would be testing your memory instead of your typing speed. By using a wide variety of different typing tests you will be able to accurately gauge your typing ability, and improve on your scores through repetition without the results being skewed by the fact that you now know the passage you’re typing on the one test by heart. Each of these tests uses different passages and words to test your abilities. Not only does this give you a nice way to practice your typing using timed testing for free, but you also get to read some engaging passages of text that you might not read otherwise. There is even a website that offers free typing test online options using jokes.

Type Online Free Typing Test Online

At you can take a free typing test online. This test is simple and quick. There is one paragraph to type. You type the words into the free typing test online box after clicking the Start The Clock icon. When you are finished you click the Stop The Clock Icon and are told how many words per minute you achieved. The paragraph of text is taken from the Jane Austen Novel titled Northanger Abbey.

Power Typing Free Typing Test Online

At is another quick and easy to take free online typing test. It has a paragraph that you type into a box and when you make an error a pop up shows you where and the text is highlighted. Power Typing also offers additional free online typing tests that are themed on different countries. These typing tests take passages from popular cultural folktales, legends and lore. You can select fromVasilisa (a Russian folktale), Ali Baba (an Arabian tale), Aesop’s Fables (Greek lore), Native American legends, and Irish stories. You can also select from Chinese lore, African folk tales, Japanese legends and there is even a jokes section that you can use to test your typing ability.